An Interview with Colin Mason (First Team Coach)

How are you finding Lockdown and what are you doing to stay busy?

Haha yes I am in Lockdown and staying busy, I am taking the dog for a walk and doing DIY work, a bit of papering.

It has been your first season with AFC Darwen, how have you found it from other clubs you have been to?

Tremendous, its’ been brilliant. Having worked at Professional clubs and then coming to a semi pro club, lads, manager, full club has been fantastic.

What has been your highlight of the season?

That’s a hard one that

The season did come to an abrupt end with it being classed as Null and Void, what were your thoughts on this decision?

I think it was wrong; we could have got bit further up in that league and we were going for it.

You seem to get on with the lads and they have a nickname for you already, what is it and why?

I have no idea why but they call me YouTube Col. I have been through my UEFA badges and they call me that, it is one lad that started it and it took off. I love it though; I love the banter because it’s a cracking club.

We have some great young players in the club; will it be hard to keep them here?

No, The coaching and the club I feel will keep them here.

You have worked under two different managers for this season, which has been your favourite?

Oh Kenny, he’s mad, it’s got to be Kenny. We are all the same in that dugout; we all get on with each other and have that banter. We talk to each other and if it is wrong, we go and change it. That’s what it’s about. It is a good team, management and bonding.

If you could change anything at the club, what would it be?

Having a drink after because I don’t drink a lot. At the club I don’t think anything needs to be changed, the facilities we have are way above where we should be.

It has been a very up and down season for you personally and football wise, is it one to forget or one to work on?

Personally, it is one to forget, not in football but as in personal life. In football I want to push on. With Kenny and Neil, they understood the problem I had obviously losing my wife and it was about getting back into a routine. Every person at that club, players, committee, bar staff, everyone have made me so welcome and it’s a massive lift to me and even John (Fellow coach), John has supported me so much and the club overall have supported me massively, it does help, it really does. All we want to do is push on next season and get promoted.

Promotion challengers next season or same as were we finished this season even though you just answered it?

Promotion, without a shadow of doubt, we want to be there. Top spot or runners up, I think we will go for one of them two. We have the players and they have adapted to the way we want them to play. Some come in and don’t adapt and they leave. We worked so hard when the first manager left to turn it around the four of us as well as the players and we did. It was just a shame we had that long massive run through transition and then we had that good run which if we had carried on, we would have been alright.

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