Kiel Lonsdale (First Team Captain)

How are you finding Lockdown?

Boring, I am keeping myself busy doing things in the house that should have been done a year ago. I am getting to spend time with my daughter, which I normally wouldn’t get to do.

What are you doing to keep yourself active?

I have been doing the back garden, which I have been putting off and putting off, I have dug it all out. I have been going for a run near enough every day since the lockdown as my one exercise per day. I have also been trying to do a few home workouts.

At the start of the season, you were on 261 games for the club, you played 25 this season but they are now void. I know your goal is to get to the 300 mark, do you still have the legs to keep going and get to that milestone?

I didn’t know they would be Void. Gutted. I feel fit, I have kept myself active this season, I have had a couple of injuries, do I have the legs? I think so to get to the 300

You are in your early thirties now and still have a few years to go but there has to be a time when you stop, what are your plans for when that day comes?

No I don’t even think about it. No no no, obviously I will still be involved with the club and I will be involved for many years to come.

You’ve known Kenny for a long time now, how is it having him back as manager of the club?

It’s been brilliant, we had a dodgy start obviously and it took a good couple of months to get into the swing of things since Kenny came back. We got the camaraderie back into the dressing room, got a few of the older heads back in and since Kenny come back we turned a corner again.

Can you see yourself ever leaving this club?

No, I will never leave this club. I have had the chance over the past few years but I have been at this club for 10 years so I won’t go anywhere else now. It’s the whole family atmosphere, Abby and my daughter love coming down and I have been around t for most of my playing career. I just love the club, it is my hometown and I am honoured to captain the team of my hometown.

What was the best season you have had at the club?

That’s easy, the 2014-15 season 100%. It was that whole week to be honest. We won the cup midweek and then on the Saturday with over a 1000 fans at the Anchor, it was a good feeling.

What has been your highlight of this season?

When we clicked again, a couple of month after Kenny had come back and it was that moment when you realised you’ve got your team back together. It wasn’t the results but more the worry of what we were going to do and then all of a sudden it clicked and there was a team building. We realised we had a team that was together again.

We have some amazing young talent at the club now, how hard will it be for us to keep them?

I don’t think it will be to hard to keep them, I know there is not a lot of money there but the players we have now are not here for the money. We have a good set of lads and I don’t think you will see a better set of facilities than we have got down at Darwen in 2 maybe 3 leagues above. I don’t see why anybody would leave to be honest unless they were offered big money and even then it would have to be a substantial amount.

It looks like it is the same format as last year, 4 go up. How do you think we will fare in the league?

Being optimistic about it I would like to say I think we will go up. I know from the group chat, everyone’s really up for it, they already started their pre season at home so I am very optimistic to grab one of them promotion spots.

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